SSITP's 20th Anniversary- A Midsummer Night's Dream

By Syracuse Shakespeare-In-The-Park (other events)

6 Dates Through Aug 14, 2022

Midsummer is a very family-friendly show and one of Shakespeare's most loved and accessible comedies. It is a wonderful mash-up of three major story arcs that envelop The Royals, The Fairies, The Lovers and The Mechanicals. Each group and the characters within provide their unique perspective on life, love, happiness and society.

You will be thrilled by the antics of Puck.

You will be amazed by the beauty of Titania and the Fairies as well as the emotive dancing of the Syracuse City Ballet within the context of the show.

You will laugh until you split by the "rude mechanicals" who believe they are capable of putting on a play for the Duke and his bride, Hippolyta.

You will revel at the changes of fotune and love among the Lovers as they pine for each other and are tricked by the magic of Puck and Oberon.



1- There are no COVID restrictions at this time because we are outdoors. We will comply with all NYS health Dept. regulations as they are communicated to us.

2- There is no designated kids area this year. If that changes as a result of our Board meeting on July 11, 2022, we will let you know.

3- All are welcome to attend.

4- Dogs must be leashed and quiet at all times.