SSITP 20th Season Donations

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Sun, Jul 17 2022 2:15 PM EDT Fri, Sep 30 2022 11:30 PM EDT

You can make a donation in memory of Barbara Toman (Mama T)

to whom we dedicate our 20th season

Syracuse Shakespeare-In-The-Park Survives with a Little Help from Our Friends

Which Club Will You Be In? Bard, Angel, Globe, Folio or Sponsor?   

OR you can contribute to the SSITP Fund where we are trying to raise $100,000 to get us a new theatre home of our own. We have raised more than $30,000 in the first two and a half years!               

Thanks for your support by donating to Friends of the Syracuse Shakespeare-In-The-Park (FOSSITP).  Your friendship is important to us because:

  • YOU help make the foundations of our organization strong.
  • YOU help us present high quality productions of Shakespeare that you won't see anywhere else. Who’s done Shakespeare’s Will, Titus Andronicus, Coriolanus and The Winter's Tale in CNY? Only SSITP!
  • YOU help SSITP fulfill its mission of bringing Shakespeare to everyone in CNY, especially school-aged children and seniors.

While you have the chance and are thinking about it, please contribute on this website (with no service fees) to renew your friendship at one of the following levels:

  • Bard Club: $10
  • Angels Club: $25
  • Globe Club: $50
  • Folio Club: $100

Sponsorship levels begin at $250

OR, donate any amount you like to the SSITP Fund and we'll pay the transaction fees

You can "buy a donation ticket" by hitting the TICKET button, OR just make a check out to SSITP and send it to:

c/o Ronnie Bell
517 Stinard Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13207

Thank you!

Kind regards,


Ronald Bell, Executive Director
Syracuse Shakespeare-In-The-Park
[email protected]
315-476-1835 (The Shakespeare Line)
315-414-9911 (Shakespeare's Cell)


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