Syracuse Shakespeare-In-The-Park's "Richard III"

By Syracuse Shakespeare-In-The-Park (other events)

6 Dates Through Jun 16, 2019

Richard III is considered the first of Shakespeare's great dramas.  Shakespeare used multiple sources to create one of his most evil characters who certainly ordered the death of a king but may not as been quite as maleficent in real life as he is portrayed in the play.                                                                                                                                                                                            The question of the extent of his "deformity" is also widely debated.  What do you think?  Was he the hunchbacked monster with a shriveled arm or was he slightly to moderately stooped which made his arm appear shriveled?

With the backdrop of the War of the Roses, the play centers on Richard's seizure of power in 1483, his short reign as king and his violent end on the battlefield searching madly for his horse.

Come to Thornden Park's beautiful Amphitheatre to see this epic villain at his worst.  Richard's misogyny helps to portray him as an absolute dictator, killing everyone in his way whom he perceives as an obstacle, and reinforcing the English concept of a morality play by his ultimate death.

Come see Shakespeare's rarely produced masterpiece up close and personal for free in Thornden Park's Amphitheatre produced by CNY's premiere Shakespeare theatre as closely to the manner in which Shakespeare would have presented it this side of the Globe and the Atlantic.

Starring Justin Polly as Richard III (pictured here in Henry IV, Part 1) and directed by Michael Richard King, making his directorial debut for SSITP